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Roll hoop specification for new cars

When constructing a new K Sports Chassis, it is important to note that by virtue of MSA Regulation Q.1, that Q.1.5.2 incorporating drawing Q31 must be respected as to tube dimension and in respect of the height in relation to the driver's head. 
Cars constructed prior to 1st December 2001 are able to claim 'exemption' on the basis of compliance with Q.1.5.4 (b), but henceforth cars must comply with 1.5.2. 
The reason for publication of this Notice is to ensure that new constructors do not fall foul of Safety Scrutineering rather than class eligibility. For obvious reasons of safety, all existing cars MUST comply with drawing Q31 in any event and competitors/preparers/entrants should check for compliance. A rollhoop extension is permitted and in the case of Mallock chassis, this is available from Mallock Sports. The addition of such an item, must otherwise comply with welding requirements of the MSA Regulations and must be of the same specification and material as the existing primary rollhoop. 

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Engine Rebuilds

Paul Freeman (Paul Freeman Motor Services Ltd.) is an official engine builder for Clubmans engines. Give him a call on +44 (0)1527 592122 to discuss your next rebuild. 

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Lap Records (1.1.96 to present time)

Circuit Time Speed 
Driver Car Date
Brands Hatch GP 1:33.23 100.40 Justin Foley Mallock Mk18B 27.4.97
Brands Hatch Indy [1] 46.80 92.58 Gerry Cain Mallock Mk18B 26.4.98
Brands Hatch Indy [2] 49.264 89.60 Peter Clark Mallock Mk27/99 30.9.00
Cadwell Park 1:30.24 86.69 Tom Bellamy Phantom P94 3.9.00
Castle Combe [3] 1:04.46 102.76 Mike Luck Phantom P88/96 6.5.96
Croft 1:25.18 88.75 Justin Foley Mallock Mk18B 28.9.97
Donington Park GP 1:58.727 75.80 Peter Clark Mallock Mk27/99 12.8.01
Donington Park National 1:15.509 93.31 Alex Osborne Mallock Mk30 30.8.04
Knockhill 55.97 83.62 David Williams Mallock Mk30 25.7.99
Lydden Hill 41.60 86.54 Justin Foley Mallock Mk18B 26.5.97
Mallory Park 46.95 103.51 Malcolm Jackson Mallock Mk20B 25.8.97
Oulton Park Fosters 1:02.12 95.85 Tom Bellamy Phantom P94 8.4.00
Oulton Park Island [5] 1:30.018 94.46 Peter Clark Mallock Mk27 28.5.01
Oulton Park Island [6] 1:30.765 88.29 Matthew Slinn Mallock Mk30 EBX 28.6.03
Oulton Park International 1:47.23 93.16 Malcolm Jackson Mallock Mk20B 18.5.96
Pembrey 58.51 89.58 Matthew Slinn Mallock Mk29 1.9.96
Rockingham (Int'l Long) 1:51.164 82.90 James Lindley Mallock Mk29 13.5.01
Rockingham (Sports Car) 1:09.072 84.43 Matthew Slinn Mallock Mk30 25.5.03
Silverstone Stowe [4] 39.05 73.38 Matthew Slinn Mallock Mk29 1.3.97
Silverstone National 1:01.698 95.63 Daniel Eagling Mallock Mk20 24.8.02
Silverstone International 1:27.97 92.16 Justin Foley Mallock Mk18B 4.10.97
Snetterton 1:13.73 95.31 Justin Foley Mallock Mk18B 14.9.97
Thruxton 1:20.822 104.94 Michael Mallock Mallock Mk18B 24.7.05
Croix en Ternois 56.65 74.99 Barry Webb Mallock Mk23/03 10.7.04
Spa Francorchamps 2:42.44 96.41 Tony Richardson Phantom P94 15.5.99
Zolder 1:47.71 86.90 Tom Bellamy Phantom P94 20.5.00

[1] Before realignment of Graham Hill Bend. (1.203 miles) 
[2] After realignment of Graham Hill Bend. (1.226 miles) 
[3] Before the introduction of chicanes. 
[4] Anticlockwise 
[5] Before realignment of Knickerbrook chicane. (2.362 miles) 
[6] After realignment of Knickerbrook chicane. (2.226 miles) 

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The Manufacturers

At present (November 2002) the following make, or are making, cars for this formula. 
  • Mallock Sports 
    The longest standing manufacturer of cars for the many Clubmans-type formulae down the years.
  • Phantom 
    For many years the Phantom, now manufactured in Scandinavia, has had a faithful band of followers.
  • Leopard 
    Peter Clark is the driving force behind this new project.
  • Stealth
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