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Race Reports For The 2002 Season.
Round 11 
Mallory Park, Sunday September 29th, 15 Laps

Eagling, from Lindley and Bevan.

Late September, Mallory Park and excellent weather. Twenty-four drivers turned out to enjoy an excellent day's racing in this, the penultimate round of the 2002 calendar. 
Despite having clinched the championship at the previous round Dan Eagling showed that he is not going to take it easy for the remainder of the year and scored his tenth win from eleven pole positions this season. He failed by a very small margin to take fastest lap, that honour going to Mike Evans. 
Second on the grid was James Lindley, who is inching closer to Peter Clark's second position in the championship, with Mike Evans and Neil Bevan behind him seperated by the proverbial gnats whisker. The rest of the 100mph plus club were Guy Woodward, Mike Luck, Peter Clark, Brian Jordan and Peter Richings with Simon Kelly, anticipating a final signature on his licence, at a mere 99.97mph in an excellent tenth. 
Practice was largely uneventful although on a couple of occasions yellow Mallocks, those of Marcus Bicknell and Adrian Lester, were to be seen parked facing the wrong way at the exit of the hairpin. Peter Clark was deemed to be sitting too high in Barry Webb's Mallock and was summoned to the pits by a black and orange flag. Barry quickly fixed the problem before sending Peter on his way by "ramming him down in the cockpit and doing his belts up tighter". Howard Payne was another with problems, his car not handling well; a cracked chassis tube was discovered and repaired in time for the race. 
The end of the first lap saw Eagling cross the line over a second ahead of Lindley and the rest. Big losers on that lap were Evans, down three places, and Jordan, down four. Further back, Nick Bailey had leapfrogged from fourteenth on the grid to eleventh but on the whole the field was in grid order. 
By lap ten Eagling led Lindley by almost five and a half seconds but that diminished by two seconds as they started to lap slower traffic in the last third of the race. Behind these two Neil Bevan held a solid third for the whole race to enjoy his first visit to the podium. Next up was Guy Woodward with Peter Clark right behind him and Mike Evans vey close to Clark. The top ten was completed by Mike Luck, Peter Richings, Marcus Bicknell and Simon Kelly. Next up was Jordan, followed by Paul Freeman and Adrian Lester concerned that he had "buzzed" his engine during the race by grabbing second rather than fourth gear exiting Devils Elbow. The remaining unlapped runners were John Palmer, Des Andrews, Howard Payne, Ian Crombie, Chris Karn, Jamie Champkin and Dave Madgwick. Glenn Cantello and the "Burnham boys", Chris and Kevin completing the finishers. 
The only non finisher was Nick Bailey after a spin at the hairpin while challenging Simon Kelly for tenth place. Clearly yellow Mallocks and that hairpin just don't mix! 
Brian Jordan