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The BARC Clubmans Cup is the current manifestation of a race championship that one way and another is in its 42nd year... The racing is close and clean and very fast, with the average lap record speed at 91.66mph. Some circuits see the top 10 runners at average lap speeds in excess of 100 mph. Grids presently average a typical 20+. The minimum race distance is 20 miles and on the longer circuits are of 10 laps duration.

A miscellany...

The Clubmans Register is the Driver's Club which owns the regulations and the championship is organised and administered for the Register by BARC; the 2 Clubs having a very close working relationship. To compete, drivers have to be a racing member of both clubs.
Essentially the cars should be considered as prototypes, because innovation within the regulations is welcomed, and there is considerable freedom in key areas. That said, the essence of the series is fast but cost effective racing, hence certain materials are banned and others are limited as to use. There are at least 3 cars racing that were designed and built by the driver. Every year one driver is sponsored by our main partner - bet365 which is the biggest bookmaker for sports betting, casino, poker and games in United Kingdom (read here in case of a need of info about how to bet on formula 1). The cars have been and sometimes are described as front engined sports racing cars; but in reality the technical regulations are unique and they can only be described as what they are: Clubmans cars.


8th July 2006
All the information from Cadwell Park now available.
26th June 2006
Championship table updated with Oulton Park result.
1st June 2006
Get your downloadable regs and entry forms for Cadwell Park (1st/2nd July).
29th May 2006
Brands Hatch race report now available.
27th May 2006
Championship table updated after Brands Hatch.


About Evans Racing Team

Nate Evans is the owner and driver of the 43 Pure Stock. Born and raised in Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania, he now makes his home in South Gibson, PA with his wife Stephanie and daughter Jacelyn. Nate, by trade, is a framing carpenter for John Koshinski Builders. His passion for the sport and his expertise with motors prompted him to build his first car in 1997. He was face of - en iyi bahis siteleri advertising campaign.

About our team...

Nate, along with Crew Chief Tom Garren and our crew members, John Evans, Jack Evans Jr, Lee and Gregg keep the 43 race ready. The Evans Racing Team garage is located at the home of Nates' dad, Jack Evans in Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania. With all that goes on, there is never a dull moment in this garage.

Where We Race...

Our home track is Penn Can Speedway, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania on Friday nights. We also raced the 2000 season at Lake Moc-a-tek, Hamlin, Pennsylvania on Saturday nights. We will be racing the 2001 season at Penn Can on Friday nights and trying our luck at Thunder Mountain Speedway, Center Lisle, New York on Saturdays. We also raced a few specials at Five Mile Point an Afton Speedways last year and expect to do the same this season.

Weekly Notes and point standings

JULY 28...After last nights dissapointing evening, we took both the Pure Stock and the Street Stock to Lake Moc-a-tek Speedway Saturday night. Nate, for the second time in the seat this season, started off the evenings Street Stock heats in the 12th starting position and qualified in 4th. The same was not so true in the Pure Stock heats. With one lap in, Nate was pushed into the backstretch wall which broke the spindle and flattened the right front tire, taking him out. In the Street Stock feature event, Nate, being the new guy on the block, started last in the 18th position. A beautiful race it was as Nate pushed his way to the front, passing cars on every turn. He pulled off a 3rd place finish, right behind the 2 points leaders. The 43 Street Stock survived the 20 lapper without a scratch. The boys made the nesessary repairs on the 43 Pure Stock for the feature, where Nate again, started last of 15 cars. He had a repeat performance of the Street Stock feature and eased his way to the front. With only 3 laps to go, Nate took the lead, holding on and brought home his 5th VICTORY of the season at Moc-a-tek, holding on to his points lead position. For the record, Nate is in 1st place at Moc-a-tek, with 5 victories, and with 1 win under his belt, is in 2nd place at Penn Can. Total of 6 victories this year so far.

JULY 27...An extreamly poor track surface made for a terrible night of racing for many drivers at Penn Can Speedway. With a first place finish in the heats, Nate started 6th in the Pure Stock feature. Just one lap into the evenings feature event, he ran into major problems when the rear broke. With blown tires and broken axles, only 5 cars remained on the track to complete the race, with 2 out of the top 5 disqualified. This is the first time we've ever seen cars that did not finish brought back to complete the top 5.

JULY 21...You can't win them all... But, Nate holds on to his points lead after another tough race Saturday night at Lake Moc-a-tek. Nate finished 2nd in the heat and started 9th in the feature. With only 2 cautions the entire race, Nate caught up to the 2 lead cars that started on the poll, but ran out of laps bringing home a 3rd place win.

JULY 20...Clear skies made way for a beautiful night for racing at Penn Can. Finishing 3rd in the heat, Nate started 8th and finished 6th in the Pure Stock feature event.

JULY 14...In an extreamly close race, Nate brought home his 5th win of the season, his 4th victory this season at Moc-a-tek. Nate, finished 2nd in the heats and started 8th in pure stock feature event. With last weeks' victory putting him in 1st place for points by a 5 point margin, this week will place him in the points leader position for the second week in a row. It was a very tight race for the finish, with Nate taking the lead on turn 3 in the last lap to bring home this win.

JULY 13...Another great night at Penn Can, Nate finished 2nd in the heats and 4th in the feature.

JULY 7...Nate takes his 4th win of the season at Lake Moc-a-tek. Winning the heat, Nate started second row, outside position in the feature to bring home the win and the Pure Stock points leader position.

JULY 6...Rain held off for us once again friday night at Penn Can Speedway. After a week of putting the car back together from last weeks damage at Moc-a-tek, Nate finished 4th in the heat and the feature.

JUNE 30...A rough night a Moc-a-tek...Nate finished second in the heats, starting eighth in the feature. He made his way up to 3rd in the second lap and was ready to take the number two position when he was pushed into another car by another pure stock which ended up hitting him and breaking his rear axle. The other driver was black flagged for the incident, but our night of racing was abruptly ended.

JUNE 29...A beautiful, clear night and Customer Appreciation Night at Penn Can Speedway brought out the fans in droves. Drivers and their cars were lined up on the track during intermission. Fans were allowed on the track to see the cars, take photos and get autographs from their favorite drivers. Nate finished second in the Pure Stock heats. Starting eighth in the feature, Nate brought home a second place finish.

JUNE 23...Rain, rain go away!...All racing was canceled. This has got to stop!

JUNE 22...The evenings racing action at Penn Can Speedway was canceled once again due to rain. Nate did get to take the newly rebuilt 43 Street Stock out for a few mud laps. Seems everything is working fine and it looks like we'll be taking her out for a few features this season. Crew Chief,Tom Garren will be the primary driver of the car, but has jokingly agreed to let Nate take the wheel a few times this season.

JUNE 16...Northeastern PA weather has not been good to racers this season. All area tracks were cancelled due to heavy rains.

JUNE 15...Another smash 'em, crash 'em evening of racing at Penn Can Speedway. Nate starting 7th in the feature, had a rough time gaining any ground. After being involved in a crash early in the race, Nate was penalized and put back a few spots. The race was red flagged in lap 5 when a balcony attached to the announcers tower collapsed, sending 3 people to the hospital. After resuming the race, Nate made his way to the front and got tangled up with another car that spun out, sending him into the wall on turn 2, with officials sending him to the back of the pack. Earlier in the evening, Nate got to see another view of the track from atop the walls at turn 4 and turn 1. Nate made his way to front yet one more time, just in time to pick up a fifth place finish. He is still currently in second place in the points standings.

The 43 Street Stock is out of the garage and back on the track. Crew Chif Tom Garren, took her out for a spin (and spin, and spin) in the Street Stock heats and feature Friday night. We had a few minor adjustments to make, but Tom will be back in the drivers seat again next week, trying his luck for the 3rd time this season.

JUNE 14...The Evans Racing Team participated in the Nicholson, PA Fire Company Parade. Nate, family, friends and crew rode atop the hauler and the 43 Street Stock, making our way through the crowd lined streets to the fairgrounds. This yearly event, is a first for The Evans Racing Team but surely will not be the last. Fun was had by all, and gave the community and race fans a chance to see our car up close.

JUNE 9...After the beating the car took at Penn Can Friday night, Nate took his 3rd win of the season at Lake Moc-a-tek and brought home the 1st place trophy. Nate, starting 8th in the feature, and also winning the heat race, found himself in Victory Lane one more time. After returning to the pit area, Nate and the boys discovered that he was running on just 7 cylinders. The boys are back in the garage and the 43 will be ready to try it again at Penn Can Friday night.

JUNE 8...What a night and a rough race. Nate starting 11th, pulled off a 4th place finish after the 43 took a beating in a crash and was send to the back. He made his way back to the front when he blew a tire. Tom and crew got him back on the track before the lap was counted and he made his way through the pack again to claim the 4th.

JUNE 2...The weather has been playing games with the 2001 racing season, Moc-a-tek was cancelled again. The rain held off long enough to allow us to race at Thunder Mountain Saturday night. Nate finished 4th in the heat, started 11th in the feature and brought home a 6th place feature finish.

JUNE 1...Penn Can Speedway rained out

MAY 25...Another frigid night at Penn Can Speedway, luckily the rain held off. Nate started 6th in the last feature of the evening. He made his way up to third but just couldn't get around Chad Stone this week. He finished in the 3rd spot in the evenings Pure Stock feature event.

MAY 18...We went back down to Moc-a-tek, unbelievably, the track was in excellent condition for a change. Nate won his heat race and started 7th in the feature, he quickly made his way to 3rd. Unfortunately, he had a problem with his helmet tear-offs and couldn't see through the mud on his shield. But, he hung on to it and finished in that 3rd spot. Record to date: one 4th, four 3rds, and two 1sts.

MAY 17... Penn Can rained out.

MAY 11...Wooooo Hooooo!!! What a beautiful night for racing. Nate showed everyone what the 43 Pure Stock can do when he took his first feature win tonight at Penn Can Speedway. Nate started 5th in the feature and made his way to the front of the pack after avoiding a pile up between turn one and two in lap 7. Nate led the remaining 8 laps with Chad Stone following a close second. It definately was a beautiful thing. Nate is currently in second place for points.

MAY 5...At Lake Moc-a-tek, Nate started out the new 2001 racing season the same way he finished last year with a spectacular FIRST PLACE finish at their season opener. It was a beautiful thing to see the 43 Pure Stock ease its way to the lead position by the third lap. Nate lead the rest of the race by half a track, picking up the checkered flag and the double purse prize.

MAY 4...It was a beautiful night for racing at Penn Can Speedway Friday. Nate started sixth in the feature and finished 3rd for the second week in a row after the two lead cars were disqualified. Nate is now in the number 2 points position.

APRIL 28...Despite frigid temperatures, Nate put on another spectacular performance at the season opener at Thunder Mountain. Starting in the 6th position in a field of 24 cars. Nate stayed in the top 4 for most of the race. He managed to grab his 3rd place finish in the last half lap.

APRIL 27...We kicked off the 2001 Penn Can season with an exciting night of racing action. After finishing 4th in his heat, Nate drew the poll position. He managed to stay at the front of the pack for 3 laps until spinning out, hitting the uke tire and was sent to the back of a field of 20 cars. Nate managed to fight his way back to the 3rd position in only seven laps. He hung onto this position for the remaining 5 laps bringing home a 3rd place win.

APRIL 13...Nate kicked of the 2001 racing season at Afton Raceway, and brought home a 4th place finish.

Y2K was a great year for the Evans Racing Team. Penn Can Speedway yielded a sixth place seasonal finish. Nate was voted Most Popular Driver in the Pure Stock Division and was awarded The Pepsi Horizon Award for Most Up And Coming Driver. With seven feature wins, he landed a second place seasonal finish at Lake Moc-a-tek Speedway.

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